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5 Countries That Have Cat Superstitions And Legends That May Surprise You

Many folks know a couple of superstitions about cats. Like a lot of you, I’m a little bit of a ‘trivia’ geek and through the years a lot of the cat trivia that I’ve learn that has centred round our feline buddies has been pretty predictable and far of it’s based mostly on whether or not black cats are fortunate or unfortunate

While researching cat superstitions not too long ago, I got here throughout a couple of nuggets that I assumed I might share with you.


In previous Japanese folklore it was mentioned that if a cat had a black mark on it is again then this was a sign that the soul of an ancestor was current and the black mark was deemed as sacred.

You could have seen the frequent picture of the Japanese Bobtail cat with it is entrance paw raised. This was seen as an indication of excellent fortune in Japanese folklore.

Cat lovers might be happy to listen to that our feline buddies in Japan are additionally believed to be a remedy for epilepsy and bouts of melancholy as nicely!


In Italian folklore it was believed to be good luck when anybody heard a cat sneeze.


During the Middle Ages, ceramic cats had been positioned on the roofs off French properties to ward of evil spirits.Interestingly, there are nonetheless many properties in France that also have ceramic cats on their rooftops.

It has additionally been thought of extraordinarily fortunate in France to discover a black cat with a single white hair.


In Poland there’s a legend that tells us of a gaggle of kittens chasing butterflies subsequent to a pond.The energetic kittens fall into the pond and the kitten’s mom is left crying along with the pond wanting helplessly on.

The willow timber subsequent to the pond proceeded to dip their branches in order that the tiny kittens may grasp the branches and escape their sure demise.

Now, in keeping with this charming Polish legend, each springtime that the furry buds on a willow department seem it represents the kittens being saved and clinging to the willow branches and at the moment are generally generally known as ‘pussy willows’


The Russians have an previous story in folklore that states that when a brand new cat is introduced residence whether it is then thrown on a mattress and proceeds to cool down then the cat is deemed to have discovered and made the home it is residence and might be glad to remain round.

The Russian Blue cat breed are additionally thought of to be an emblem of luck in Russia.

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