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6 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Ragdoll Kitten

What you might be about to learn could prevent lots of

heartache. Buying a Ragdoll Kitten, even from a breeder, can

be a minefield. Here are 6 issues you must search for when

going to a breeder for a Ragdoll kitten.

Ragdoll cats are probably the most standard breeds on the

second. There’s good cause for that. The Ragdoll cat is

affectionate and a pleasure to have round. But you actually

need to watch out about the place you purchase your kitten from

as a result of not all breeders are created equal, and you do not

wish to find yourself with a kitten that has well being issues.

1. Ask your breeder if the kitten is a full-bred Ragdoll.

It could look like a foolish query to ask, but it surely’s one thing

you actually need to know. Some breeders are cross-breeding

the Ragdoll with different breeds to be able to get new colors

and patterns. A Ragdoll cat is barely thought of to be a

fullbreed when its 4 generations out from any cross.

2. If a breeder is asking a a lot cheaper price than most

others within the space, ask why.

It’s potential that the breeder is chopping corners and never

telling you the total story. It’s a disgrace, however you need to be

looking out. It could possibly be one thing so simple as they’re

making an attempt to draw extra prospects, or they’ve extra kittens

this yr than anticipated, however you must ask the query all

the identical.

3. Is the kitten 12 weeks previous or extra?

If you desire a well-adjusted kitten then its important that

you wait till the kitten is not less than 12 weeks previous. This

provides the possibility for the breeder to socialize the kitten, as

all good breeders will know the way to do. In addition to this

the kitten’s immune system will likely be a lot stronger. Make positive

that the kitten has had not less than one among its photographs. Steer

away from any breeder providing kittens up at Eight weeks. If they

are doing this it’s to avoid wasting prices, since a kitten grows

particularly quick within the time between 8-12 weeks. You’re a lot

higher ready to get your Ragdoll. It will likely be simpler on

you, and simpler on them.

4. Get a well being assure and contract.

Never purchase a kitten with out a well being assure and contract.

This protects each you and the breeder. Remember to learn the

contract rigorously. Don’t simply take their phrase for it. A

breeder will likely be very happy to signal a contract in the event that they

are sure that their breeding inventory is disease-free. Make

positive it is not less than a two yr assure, as some defects

do not present up till a cat is absolutely grown.

5. Visit the cattery.

If it is in any respect potential you must go to the cattery and see

the situations the cats are bred below. There are a number of

issues to search for: general cleanliness; whether or not the males

and females are separated to stop inbreeding; are the

cats with kittens stored separate from the opposite cats? Just

ensure that the cats aren’t too separate. If they

seem like they’re getting by with a minimal of human

contact this may be simply as unhealthy. They’ll be nervous round

strangers and you don’t need that.

6. Make positive the kitten is socialised.

If the kitten runs away from people, then there’s a good

likelihood it hasn’t been socialised. This will make for a

nervous kitten and possibly even a nervous or neurotic cat when

the Ragdoll cat grows up. If you purchase a kitten that is not

socialised it will be arduous on them to maneuver…and even

more durable on you.

A Ragdoll cat is likely one of the most stunning and loving cats

you should buy. When going to a breeder for a cat, you’ll want to

pay attention to the pitfalls, so that you just and your new kitten

will likely be pleased.

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