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Cat Breeds Known to Be Low Energy

There might be varied explanation why a low power or naturally lazy cat is perhaps the proper match in your house. They may have to spend most of their time in the home as a result of it is not secure to go exterior the place you reside. You could reside in an house so there is not an excessive amount of home to run round in. You could need a cat that’s calm and cuddly reasonably than energetic and playful. Whatever the rationale, the excellent news is that there are a variety of breeds who will completely match the invoice.


When it comes to appears, the Persian is in a class of its personal with its stunning longhaired coat, dramatic vary of colors and cute facial options. Despite the ball of fluff look, Persians are stable and muscular beneath all that hair so can run round however select not to. They are maybe the calmest breed generally and like to obtain love and a focus. They are good with different members of the family together with kids and different animals. However, the primary difficulty with them might be their longhaired coat, which wants each day grooming, frequent baths and may irritate allergic reactions for many who endure.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is basically a Persian with a brief reasonably than longhaired coat. They have the identical cute squashed face options and are calm and quiet as their longhaired cousins. They do not want the extent of grooming that the Persian does however retain all the opposite standard traits of the mother or father breed. Despite their quiet manner they’re additionally fairly athletic so will take pleasure in climbing toys and cat perches.


The Himalayan is one other member of the Persian household and is a breed established by crossing it with the Siamese. The result’s a cat that appears rather a lot just like the Persian with a protracted and luscious coat however has a louder vocalisation and the pointed coat sample of the Siamese. These cats have a tendency to be calm and nicely behaved, having fun with to play however not too excessive power. They are additionally good with different animals and youngsters.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a compact, shorthaired cat breed that’s playful and clever however not overly so. They like to play with toys with their homeowners however simply as a lot to cuddle up and have a fuss. They are significantly good with youngsters and different pets so if there are both within the family, this breed could also be ultimate.


The Ragdoll will get its identify not from its appears however from its behaviour – it has an odd behavior when picked up of going limp like a ragdoll within the particular person’s arms. As nicely as this odd behaviour, they’re placid and quiet cats which can be very affectionate and like to play however want to be round individuals most of their time, so not nice when individuals exit to work all day. They are additionally very clever and study methods in a dog-like method resembling fetching a toy or coming when referred to as.

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