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Despachos – Offerings to Mother Earth and the Cosmos

In Peru, certainly one of the oldest of traditions is the making of despachos, sacred choices which are made to the mountain spirits (Sacred Apus) and to Pachamama (Mother Earth). This apply is supposed to carry ayni, or reciprocity, into steadiness and is an act of profound love. In Peru, this idea of affection known as Munay, and it’s a reminder that we’re all one with completely no separateness, and that to love others is to love ourselves. To love a stone is to love others. To love a tree is to love ourselves. All of this interconnection of beings, parts, spirits and sacred locations is represented in a despacho.

So simply what’s a despacho? Well, the easiest method to describe it’s by translating the phrase “despacho” from Spanish, which suggests “workplace” or examine. In historic instances, individuals didn’t have “workplaces”. For the shaman, his or her workplace was the medication bundle, which when opened, would comprise all the power and frequencies of the surroundings, and would comprise all the instruments the shaman wanted to carry issues into steadiness. Hence, one didn’t “treatment” somebody, one introduced them into steadiness.

The despacho is comparable to a medication bundle in that it’s an open bundle. The distinction is that the shaman would have spent a few years studying and being initiated into the apply and the use of all the instruments that make up his medication bundle. In a despacho, the gadgets which are positioned in the bundle are performed so purposefully, with the particular intention of creation steadiness. I’ll discuss extra about that in a second.

In the Sacred Valley of Peru it’s mentioned that there are properly over 300 forms of despacho choices. Some are for therapeutic, some are for bringing abundance, different are to appeal to loving relationships, or maybe to honor new beginnings or endings. The making of despachos shouldn’t be restricted to the Sacred Valley alone. There are coastal, mountain, jungle and northern Peruvian medication individuals who work with despachos all the time. And it’s a apply additionally recognized in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Not solely are there a whole lot of forms of despachos, however as you possibly can think about, you would possibly put 5 shamans in a room for every to create the similar kind of despacho, and every despacho could be completely different from the different!

Essentially the creation of a despacho is finished as a ceremony, through which these attending search to come into alignment with no matter their private intent could be, in addition to to create a bunch intent. The most vital function behind the despacho is to categorical gratitude to Pachamama, candy Mother Earth, who helps us in all the pieces we do. Only after expressing our gratitude to Pachamama does one start to ask for no matter intention they search to manifest.

In Peruvian mysticism, one works energetically with three very highly effective power facilities. Not in contrast to the chakras, these three power facilities have sure traits. The first is the bodily middle, known as Llankay in Quechua. This middle is positioned roughly between the first and second chakra, and subsumes the two chakras. It is one’s energy middle, the place from which one attracts the potential to stand in energy, comparable to the Tan Tien, the physique’s middle of power and gravity.

The second power middle known as Munay, and is positioned at the coronary heart middle. It is right here that we supply love and compassion, and join with Spirit. It subsumes the third, fourth and fifth chakras. And the final power middle is Yachay, or the knowledge middle. If you had been to place your palm in your brow (on the third eye) and enable the fingers to relaxation gently throughout the prime of your head, that’s the knowledge middle. So it incorporates each the sixth and seventh chakras. It is right here that we entry our knowledge, and from right here, we will faucet into the knowledge of the cosmos.

The shaman creating the despacho works from all the power facilities, and infuses every and each merchandise positioned on the despacho with the traits of every power middle. In addition to calling on the attributes of every power middle, the shaman will create ayni, or steadiness, by working with the power of the group of individuals. As he weaves every particular person’s luminous threads into the despacho, he thus harmonizes each the private intentions and the group’s intentions as a complete.

Usually despachos are constructed on beautiful shiny wrapping paper. After all, it’s a present for Pachamama! Some despachos might be very elaborate or quite simple. Usually, there are gadgets positioned on the paper that symbolize sure primary classes. One of those is the Animal kingdom, or Tirakuna. The Tirakuna are spirit watchers of nature. Their position is to assist us all the time keep in steadiness. Some Tirakuna reside in rocks, bushes, sacred ceremonial websites. Others manifest as cows, canines, animals.

Another factor that’s represented is Plant merchandise for the Auquis, who’re the legendary nature spirits equivalent to devas, gnomes, fairies. And there are mineral merchandise for the Malquis, or tree spirits. Then we’ve human-made merchandise. These merchandise are supplied to the Machikukuna, the historic ones. And lastly there are parts representing the Cosmos, the Chaskakuna (the stars) and the Sun and Moon.

A despacho is often created as a type of mandala on paper. As talked about earlier, the easiest of despachos could have sugar (Pachamama LOVES sweets!) and flower petals or bay leaves to maintain the prayers. In Peru they use coca leaves, generally in units of three or seven. Each group of three is prayed over and infused with the intention of offering magnificence, energy and power that can create steadiness, thus permitting our prayer to be heard. Even although the despacho would possibly solely have two elements, one can infuse every set of the flower petals or bay leaves with the traits of the 5 primary classes.

A extra elaborate despacho will embody symbols of all the pieces: the parts, the 4 instructions, climate, clouds, mountains, rainbows, the fruits of human labor, feelings, concepts, and so on. In reality, on August 1st, thought of certainly one of the most auspicious dates in the Inkan calendar because it marks the shift of vibrations (nearly like a brand new yr), practically everybody hires a shaman to create a Hatun Despacho, or Great Despacho. These might be fairly enormous!

When the providing is full, the complete assemblage is folded, tied and wrapped in a sacred weaving. It is then supplied to the forces of nature both by burning, burying, or by casting into water. Usually the despachos are burned, for quicker manifestation. The power and intention of all the individuals is contained in the despacho, and launched into the universe, the place it’s then transmuted into manifestation.

I usually encourage individuals to NOT purchase kits from Peru or from shaman’s markets as a result of if we’re making a despacho in the United States (or wherever chances are you’ll be), you will have to use these parts which are consultant of your locale. That is the power that pervades your sensibility, not a Peruvian power. We don’t stay in Peru however we will actually take the blessings and teachings and use them in an honoring means in our personal panorama. When we create with what’s in abundance in our panorama, we reinform the space and enable the Universe to know that we’re honoring our personal time and house.

For instance, for those who had been to stay in the Northwest, you’ll need to substitute salmon fats for llama fats. Or maybe you reside close to or have entry to buffalo fats. That would make a beautiful substitute for the llama fats. Or as a substitute of coca leaves, which we don’t have, chances are you’ll substitute bay leaves, which carefully resemble the coca leaves in form. Because it is tough to discover complete bay leaves, I usually use flower petals, no matter could also be rising in that season. I’m blessed to stay in southern California, so I can discover quite a lot of gadgets fairly readily. The level is to take into consideration the supply, the power and the intent you might be placing into every merchandise being positioned in the despacho. If you might have had a summer time backyard, you should have loads of seeds at the finish of the season. These are house grown, probably organically grown, and thus carry a lot extra potential and private therapeutic power than one thing retailer purchased.

In addition to encouraging you to use these gadgets which are native, I like to recommend that you simply journey and spend time beforehand with the gadgets that you simply would possibly like to put into the despacho. Ask Spirit whether it is an honoring present or if it’d symbolize one thing that you’ve in thoughts by way of what you want manifested. I usually use brown sugar rather than white sugar – the thought of “sweetness” nonetheless comes by way of and it honors each my intention and my beliefs. Or maybe you might be in the Minnesota space, the place wild rice is considerably plentiful. This would make a beautiful addition to symbolize grain rather than Quinoa, which is a Peruvian staple. That’s not to say you should not use Quinoa, available in lots of well being meals markets.  It’s simply that there’s probably one thing that’s particular to the space through which you reside, and that carries the power of place.

Because I like to work with each important oils and incense, I’ll all the time embody these in the despacho. Copal, a resin used extensively in Central America, is often used as a providing to the Lower World, to assist illuminate the Shadow. Frankincense, on the different hand, is an providing to the Upper World, and displays the Light from the Cosmos shining down on us. Lavender, whether or not in plant type or as an important oil, represents purification and therapeutic.

I like animals and have three fur children of my very own, so I all the time strive to embody one thing in the despacho that represents the animal kingdom. One straightforward means to do that’s to use animal cookies, equivalent to these you would possibly give a baby, and even teddy bear graham crackers. I accumulate the fur from my canines and cat and use that as properly.  Any feathers that you simply would possibly discover on walks or hikes can simply be added to symbolize not solely the animal kingdom, however the energy of the prayers to “fly” to Great Spirit.

Use your creativeness. The listing of things you possibly can embody is limitless. But… you do not need to make the despacho so huge you can’t fold it and burn it. As with so many issues, much less is extra. It is all about intention! And if you’d like instructions for particular despachos, equivalent to Abundance despachos, or maybe an Aya Despacho, one to honor somebody who has handed over, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can share data on many differing types. In the finish, although, you might be the one who is aware of what you need to manifest, and what intentions you would like to place in the despacho. So get inventive and make it up! Spirit loves something that comes from the coronary heart and is your present. As good cooks know, a recipe is barely a template; it’s the act of making that brings about the most great meals, on this case, the most elegant of despacho choices!

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