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Haiku Laity

Muse, I’ve regarded for you

Fully absorbed, the best

Blooming, speechless


Extricating breath

Essences of bleeding coronary heart

Enlightened emotions


New Year’s Joyful Thoughts

Life’s Journey’s About to Begin

Balance, Harmony


Early morning breeze

Sweet hearts delight, lovers hug

Coffees’ scent, they kiss


Just flow

Live with ease, no worries

You’d know what to do


When you are feeling gilt

And you do not wish to miss it…
Take a fast selfie!


I’ve some ideas too

The world is mine, I’m the boss

You love me, now what?


Sunrise brightens smile

Live within the respiratory area

Without exception


Rice Terraces Tour

Some fascinating woodcraft…
Magnificent view!


Ageless Golden Years

More gorgeous expertise

I come gracefully!


A Happy Christmas

From my London Inspired Home

Best Wishes to All!


Not ever once more!

Shake, Rattle and Roll Fun Ride

Terrible feeling!


Be Your Own Sunshine

Be Happy… Express Yourself

Share Bliss to the World!


Take cost of your life

You could make a distinction

Trust your self, be Brave!


Red Sea weekend enjoyable!

Time to get sanibelized

Sand, seaside, get lazy!


My pod is prepared

Seven years expenditures

Must have fun quickly


Hubert, my dream canine

Loves to smell and snoop

Lolling belly-up


“We’re alone ultimately…
I like you, d’you hear? Let’s run-

Away from this discipline…


Bewitching nature

When I stroll, you embrace me

You and I are one


A delicate river

flowing and mirrors heaven

singing birds close by


Flawless lazy day

With my human by my facet

I see, you are jealous!


As a Tooth Doctor

I’ve my darkest secret-

I simply love Tooth-Cake!


Waking-up Selfies

In motivating mode, however

Feeling nostalgic


On this bench I’d sit

I’d daydream of you and me

Then we might have all of it!


Wakes in springtime

Breathing gold garden in summer season

Crimson falls then naps…


Care for little issues

Those you’d all the time keep in mind

But by no means point out


Marine engorgement

Blissful! Then a lot of laughing-

Aromatic wind


Italian strings,

Japanese or Chinese tubes,



“c’est combien?” I requested

right here within the language of commerce

for journey discount


You can stroll by way of me

Standby or simply go searching

You know that I’m right here


Capture all my phrases

I write tales… Real… Fiction…
That’s Entertainment!


Whatever you need

I’m right here to carry you, hold you

But I’m delicate…


Rising on the highest

Gently, form, pleasant,pleasing…
Cooling the warmth, ahhhhhh!


I rise up and go

with auspicious twinkle toes

golden fame is mine



Feeling a wee bit antsy

in a hopeful approach



Preoccupied. Halting

Aroma bombing…


We reunited

Wanna French-kiss expertise

down the Love Tower.


My human loves me

I really feel nice, I celebrate-

By kissing his face


You make me completely satisfied

in ways in which nobody else does

I like to drink tea


Hot day journey

A momentous pleasantness

Sheer bliss contentment


Forgotten Blossoms

Once winter’s chilly grasp get unfastened

Glows again recent, untouched


A nature’s delight

Peacefully water falling

And I look fairly


“My mild shines on you!”

The solar guarantees to earth.

“You owe me nothing”

With a LOVE like that…
The entire world can be brighter…
United… No WAR!


Flip-flop right here I come…
Once a slow-crawling creature

Then dazzling wings sprout!


Pink gem within the yard

Inspiring… glowing… blooming…
curving up… then down


The flower ship comes

Departing from the geisha

Peter Pan absconds


With the Smiling Cloud,

Enraptured flowers, bees, birds,

The Spring breezes rise


With my fingertips

I see greater than the sighted

who’ve blinded themselves


Windy… Cloudy sky

Dance alongside golden yellow

Sunflower discipline shines


Shocked… Sissy screamed,

“I’m late for my recital!”

A li’l bro’s mischief…


We danced, laughed, tangled

Purely romancing the previous

‘Nostalgia for lust!


Just obtained to breath

I’d take cost and reside my life

A serious breakthrough!


Fantasy exist

Burning mild of pure need

Sometimes, I ponder…


’til loss of life do us half!

You tamed me… Behold a bloom

I’m with 9 lives…


Happiness enchantment

The finish of summer season day brings

Freshness, smooth and peace


Art Game make headway

For The Love Of Haiku keep

Music Passion play…


Ruby fruits impact.

Wildly inviting, ready…
Juicy priceless pleasure!


All the lengthy day mild

‘tutti fruiti orange coronary heart

Danced vigorous to youth


I’m bored, minimize that out!

Don’t shoot! You’re blocking my approach!

Leave me in peace, please!


Sea-waves of laughter

True Joy of Freedom and Youth

I aged with smile…


The serenity

and the ideas of nothingness

Living however no life…


Scribble, scrawl

Yet I focus to the lamb

Reflecting my objective



Vigilant, overwhelming

Oh, maranatha!


In me, my Jesus

abounds with pleasure, peace, smile, love

an absolute fact


I rise up and go

with auspicious twinkle toes

golden fame is mine


Whatever you need,

I’m right here to carry you, hold you.

But I’m delicate


Be your personal sunshine

be completely satisfied, categorical your self

Share bliss to the world


Capture this second

I glow to light-up your day



Young couple kissing

Grandpa wanting by way of them

to his sunny previous


With a little bit of luck

Two geese close to the Love Tower

Trapped contained in the jar-

“Quack!”, quacks lovey duck.

Froggy’s Jar of Lemon Dreams…
Here they fell in love!


“I believed raindrops fall?”,

quacks duck below umbrella.

Wondering who pissed?!?


Keep dreaming, do not stop!

Everything is feasible

and I like donut


Poised toes, physique twirls…
Lovely Marquise wished to be

A Ballerina!


I dreamt, you and me.

We danced with some loony blues…
Aliens had been with us!


Aliens are we not?

Supposedly all of us are.

Some blues… All Is One!


A crushing jet aircraft.

Thunder, lightning all over the place:

This time no bombs fall.


Circus in spring,

Kids play, hippos’ kiss… Eye float!

Munchausen laughs…


A gap to flee!

Run shortly! We’re simply havin’-

Family picnic…


Join me within the recreation…
Click the ink to grasp…
Pic from my Art Game!


Waterfalls and Chaos

I see a brand new starting.

World retains evolving…


Life as motorcoach

Red halts to drift, Green progressed

Yellow chills its time…


Beauty within the evening

Skeleton Knight Lover

Scary Hallow



Torn Fairy lives… Rise towards

Fierce Angel Warrior


Mixture of thy desires

Torment or Bewitching trance

A soothing need


A get-together.

Welcome everybody! Unwind!

A bloodthirsty race…


Loved my salad days…
Wines. Coffee breaks. Sweet kisses.

Some fortunate escapes!


Party all evening lengthy

Be fierce, be wild, be your self

For as soon as… Live freely!


Underwater world

Everything is refreshing

A colourful place!


At mermaid’s again… ‘Shark!

While behind every belle, a Shrek!

Rear finish… Puss in boots?

or a teaser:

Rear finish… A pussy? ( lol)

It’s hey Master Kitty!

Puss, The Booted Cat.


“Oh no! Meow, not me!”,

confuses for litter field.

“Don’t go away lure round!”

“Big One, spare me.

I purr to point out I like you.

Wanna-smell my butt?”


Yay! The Avengers!

They simply crash-in the occasion!

Godzilla, be careful!


A shark awakens!

Huge! With large mouth and sharp enamel!

Angry and hungry!


In my lush cosmos.

The earth saying its place.

Emerge reminiscences


A Family Tour.

Jueseppi’s Casa is sizzling.

Dad mentioned, “Eat ice cream!”


North, East, West and South.

Heat waves right here or sand storms there.

The desert is dry…


Imagine a world

Where your each transfer issues.

Watch for the subsequent prepare…


Rush hour, altering trains…
Thanks for the subway vendor!

Hotdog is a bliss


Family gathers!

Dad, mother, sissy and li’l bro…
I miss them dearly.


Feeling up the heat

of the solar, pleasure of laughter

round… Cool siesta!


Sparkles got here down!

Saving the household enjoyable.

“BEEEEEEP!”, says Road Runner.



Name all of them… ‘settle for or not

Still I like my man


Frozen… speechless…
All Hallow’s Eve! Phantoms roam…
Horror evening begins


Youthful dance, I yearn!

On hip-hop, leap, twist, swirl, dip…
What promise it maintain?


A crushing jet aircraft.

Thunder, lightning all over the place:

This time no bombs fall.


December is right here

Adorn my tree excessive and low

What a Christmas glow


The three li’l fairies

-glimmering eyes, tossing hair…
Sweet Flowers of Spring


Haiku is enjoyable too!

Creative crowds simply like it.

Testing. No duck soup


Yay! That’s fantastic!

We’re right here to have enjoyable, win pals!

More Haiku Laity!

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