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Heartworm Prevention – How 5 Simple Changes Can Keep Your Pets Heartworm Free Without Pills

The one large query that comes up time and again for pet homeowners is heartworm prevention. I don’t use standard heartworm prevention with my very own pets. That is to say, a capsule that I get from a vet. They are nonetheless, freed from heartworms. It is feasible so that you can do the identical with some easy modifications that may improve the lifetime of your pet.

First, I’ll level out just a few issues that you just won’t have considered. Wolves, coyotes, bob cats and different wild canine and feline breeds don’t get common month-to-month heartworm tablets. And there are only a few documented circumstances of any dying of heartworms. Think about that for a minute. Let your mind take up that. Why then do our home animals get heartworms? These wild animals don’t go to the vet yearly for vaccinations, they eat what they will hunt, however haven’t got most of the ailments that plague our home animals. Are they getting contaminated with heartworms despite the fact that they don’t seem to be taking a capsule? No, in fact not. It has by no means occurred nor will it ever Why? It is solely as a result of they’ve immune techniques which are functioning as supposed, “seeing” this parasite for what it’s: international. The job of the immune system is to react to foreigners, be they micro organism, viruses, parasites, or most cancers cells. “React” means to ship in particular blood cells, like pure killer cells to make antibodies and create irritation; and in varied methods, to assault these foreigners and get rid of them from the physique. That’s what the immune system was designed to do, and, if we do not intrude with it, that’s what it does with nice effectivity.

Here is a quote from Dr. Will Falconer, DVM “Is there proof that the wild canids are actually not dying of heartworm? Yes, the truth is. Several years in the past, getting ready for a seminar on pure well being care, I searched the literature for proof of heartworm deaths in wolves and coyotes. Some very fascinating information emerged 1. In this research, coyotes have been autopsied after being trapped. Only 7% had proof of heartworm current within the coronary heart. And none of those that had the heartworm died of this parasite. The worms have been incidental findings, i.e. not inflicting illness. And that is the way it works in the true world. It would solely be the very weakest members of a pack, these affected by malnutrition or illness or weak genetic constitutions, who would succumb to parasites and die from them.”

So what is the reply. According to Dr. Falconer there are 5 major issues to think about.

  • Nutrition
  • Vaccination
  • Toxin publicity
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Lifestyle


Feed your animals the easiest pure components. That means meals that has not been processed to loss of life devoid of all vitamins and filled with fillers and poisonous preservatives. Making your individual meals may be very value efficient and will let you management what your pets are consuming. Many canine have allergy symptoms to widespread components in processed pet food inflicting rashes, scorching spots, behavioral issues and so forth.


I’ve written on vaccinations earlier than nevertheless it’s one thing that you’ve to concentrate on. Does you pet really want yearly vaccinations? Or does your vet want the revenue? As harsh as that sounds, in some circumstances it’s the bitter fact. Repeated vaccinations weaken the immune system resulting in persistent illness, and generally even loss of life.

Toxin Exposure

Q: What’s is the primary ingredient in merchandise that kill fleas? A: A pesticide. Are pesticides poisons? Of course, that is how they rid the canine of those pests, they poison the fleas.What are another methods an animal can get uncovered to toxins moreover flea management? Lawn chemical compounds that kill weeds or bugs, heartworm preventatives themselves (see the labels for warnings), family cleaners, cigarette smoke, and so forth. We should do one thing about these exposures.

Chronic Diseases

Common persistent ailments in animals are arthritis, allergy symptoms, ear infections, thyroid illness, diabetes, and persistent irritation, like inflammatory bowel illness. What’s the remedy for these animals? They generally get introduced to standard veterinarians and are given medicine for his or her signs. These don’t remedy the illness, they hopefully management signs whereas the illness continues on, regularly getting worse with time. The final result for this remedy is considered one of weaker and weaker animals, whose immunity is weakened by all of the medicine, and whose means to perform correctly is lessened.


Animals within the wild get loads of motion attempting to find their meals and keeping off predators. Regular train is necessary to all animals to maintain the physique in good bodily situation. And do you know that fluoridated water has been linked to rising danger of hypothyroid. Give your pets contemporary filtered water freed from fluoride and chlorine.

For extra info and sources I like to recommend go to http://alternativeanimal.com/?p=495

We should get up and begin caring to your pets extra naturally. They are relying on you.

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