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Home Remedies for Cats With Dandruff

Like people, cats might also endure from dandruff. Dandruff manifests itself as little white specks on the cat’s coat. It develops when unfastened lifeless pores and skin cells from the outer layer of the pores and skin flake off and get caught within the cat’s fur.Dandruff may cause an animal’s coat to seem ugly and unhealthy. Fortunately there are some dwelling treatments for cats with dandruff which can be utilized to remedy the situation.


Dandruff could also be brought on by a wide range of components equivalent to sensitivity to a fungus that’s current on the scalp, fungal infections, over-active oil glands or clogged oil glands the pores and skin which might get very dry and produce dry flakes. Stress or a weakened immune system might also be the trigger. Similarly, environmental situations like chilly climate or a dry setting may set off dandruff. Dandruff might also end result from meals allergy symptoms or intolerances. Excessive washing of your cat might also lead to flaky, dry pores and skin.

Conventional therapy

Treatment will rely upon the reason for the dandruff. Conventional therapy typically contain topical lotions. Be conscious although that these therapies could have unwanted side effects. One phrase of recommendation, by no means use human moisturising lotions in your cat’s pores and skin as they comprise chemical substances that may irritate your cat’s pores and skin.


A balanced weight-reduction plan is among the only dwelling treatments for cats with dandruff. As dandruff could also be the results of meals allergy symptoms or intolerances, feed your cat contemporary, uncooked meals with out synthetic components fairly than processed meals. However, be sure you don’t change the weight-reduction plan abruptly as this may occasionally trigger an imbalance of pure oils and consequently a dry, flaky pores and skin.

Supplementing your cat’s weight-reduction plan with omega-Three oils or including a tablespoon of olive oil to the meals just a few occasions per week may also help the pores and skin and situation of the fur by stimulating pure oils within the pores and skin. Vitamin A additionally helps to keep up wholesome pores and skin. Carrots, squash and candy potatoes are glorious sources and might be grated into your cat’s meals.

Herbal treatments

Herbal dwelling treatments for cats will assist maintain your cat’s pores and skin wholesome and nourished as they assist the pure oil manufacturing of the pores and skin. Herbs equivalent to horsetail and dandelion act as an efficient tissue tonic and maintain the pores and skin hydrated. These and bladderwrack, a sea vegetable utilized in dietary supplements, might be present in ready-made dwelling treatments for cats with dandruff that you could purchase.


One of the best dwelling treatments for cats with dandruff is common combing. It won’t remedy the situation however will take away flaky pores and skin cells from the coat and stimulate circulation of blood within the pores and skin. Brush your pet repeatedly, however gently to loosen dry pores and skin cells and dandruff flakes.

Dry your cat completely after washing, as shampoo residue can dry on the pores and skin and trigger flaky pores and skin and dandruff. If you wash or bathe your cat repeatedly, cut back the frequency. Bathing removes pores and skin oils and might make the pores and skin scaly. The manufacturing of pure oils within the pores and skin might be disrupted to counteract the dry pores and skin brought on by frequent washes and oil glands begin producing an excessive amount of oil.


If your cat is susceptible to dandruff, keep away from retaining your cat in very chilly and dry environments. Humidity in a room might be managed by putting in humidifiers.

These home remedies for cats with dandruff will rid your cat of dandruff in an efficient method.

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