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How to Get Rid of Fleas Safely and Naturally – Beware of So Called "Herbal Treatments"!

Owning an aged canine with renal and liver issues and lately having been invaded by cat fleas from an onslaught of stray cats within the neighbourhood I went on a quest to discover the most secure and most pure flea therapies I may presumably discover. After in depth analysis I used to be ready to compile a veritable arsenal of flea therapies that I assumed I’d share with different canine homeowners, particularly because the majority of us understand how dangerous chemical substances and pesticides are. I, like many of you, completely refuse to expose my canine to carcinogenic substances.

My canine has flea allergy symptoms so it was essential for me to discover efficient but protected options to this flea drawback. One flea chunk drives her loopy! Let me start by telling you this, if you would like to go pure in your quest to rid your own home and pets of fleas you will have to perceive that you’ll have to use a number of flea prevention strategies, and you will want to arm your self with a bit of endurance.

My curiosity was piqued in natural collars and I made a decision to analysis them some extra. To my dismay I came upon that almost all of natural collars embody pennyroyal and rue. These herbs may cause liver and kidney injury (in addition to many different well being points) when ingested, and whereas the likelihood that my outdated canine would really ingest her collar was slim, I wasn’t ready to threat it.

The subsequent pure flea prevention answer I examine was Borax or Boric powder. People have been touting the miraculous impact these merchandise have in combating fleas, and whereas I do not doubt this it quickly grew to become clear to me that these weren’t protected merchandise to use on my beloved pet. Borax is an abrasive substance so think about what can occur in case your pet inhales it, plus borates tend to change into concentrated within the kidney and may cause kidney injury.

Well, to minimize a protracted story quick, except for my ever trusty flea comb, here is what I’m utilizing:

1. Flea Traps: The variety that work by attracting fleas to a sticky floor. They use small bulbs to entice fleas to a sticky floor. I caught a number of small bugs and fleas. What I do is depart them on in a single day when it is darkish for optimum impact. A great way to improve their effectiveness is to transfer them round often. I even put them in my canine’s beds (she has two, one within the lounge and one in our bed room, so at evening I put the lure in her lounge mattress and throughout the day I darken the bed room and put a lure in her evening mattress).

2. Dawn or Fairy Dishwashing Liquid: Regular Dawn of Fairy dishwashing liquid is nice for bathing your flea infested canine, it is much less dangerous than specialised flea shampoos because it does not include any chemical substances or pesticides and you will get a warped sense of pleasure as you see the nasty creatures drown within the bathwater.

3. Herbal Collars: There are some innocent natural flea collars on the market; the one I’m utilizing accommodates lavender buds and cedarwood shavings. While I’m not an enormous fan of cedarwood shavings it is solely a minute quantity, simply sufficient to maintain these nasty pests away from my canine. The similar firm additionally makes a dry shampoo/flea powder utilizing all pure (and protected) components and the proprietor of the corporate is genuinely involved in regards to the security of their merchandise (I grilled her with all my considerations). Let’s simply say it is positively “good riddance” to fleas!

4. Diatomaceous Earth: Make certain you purchase HUMAN FOOD GRADE D/Earth, the rest is probably poisonous. Sprinkle the D/earth below couches, beds, wherever your canine does not continually dangle round in. Make certain the canine is saved away whilst you’re doing this as inhaling the fantastic mud may cause issues and put on a mud masks if doable. D/earth can be utilized indoors and out however I’d advise towards utilizing it open air as you’ll be killing many “good” bugs as properly. Ants, if they don’t seem to be an issue for you, eat flea larvae so I take into account them a useful a component of my protected flea arsenal!

Human meals grade d/earth or fossil flour as it is also referred to as is supposedly good for combating inside parasites as properly, I intend on attempting this as I’m afraid of utilizing industrial worming remedy on my canine at this level. I’ve tried to discover out if it has any dangerous uncomfortable side effects however have not been ready to discover any; in truth persons are utilizing fossil flour each day and declare it has many advantages. If you recognize of any dangerous uncomfortable side effects of utilizing it orally on a pet please let me know!

5. Bio-tags: There are a pair of corporations on the market that declare their tags present your pet with a magnetic protect to maintain fleas and ticks away. There are good and dangerous critiques on the topic however I have not been ready to discover any literature on any dangerous uncomfortable side effects so I’m getting one for my canine, Worse case state of affairs I’m quick a couple of bucks, I like my canine and would do something in my energy to make her snug and wholesome so I do not thoughts. I determine it will not hurt her and if it does work, that is nice!

6. Motion Detector Sprinklers: These are an awesome and humane method to maintain flea-ridden animals out of your yard.

That’s it; I feel I’ve coated all of it! This is the end result of my in depth studying and analysis and I hope it helps you get rid of fleas too. Please let me know if in case you have some safer flea cures!

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