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How to Train a Squirrel Dog!

Many squirrel dog lovers have numerous concepts as to how to prepare a squirrel dog. It is my opinion that it is best to first begin with good looking bloodlines. This will improve your pet’s possibilities in making a squirrel dog. The following ought to offer you a few solutions…

Step 1: Socialize the pet early. Whether you decide the pup up at 6 weeks or 12 weeks outdated, give it as a lot human interplay as doable. If you might have youngsters enable them to play with the pet as a lot as doable. This is actually the quickest methodology to socializing a pet.

Step 3: Next round 8 to 12 weeks outdated work on primary obedience and by all means get the pet used to sporting a collar and work on breaking it to stroll on a leash. If you do that early you’ll save your self many future complications whereas within the woods looking!

Step 4: Around the age of 12 to 14 weeks outdated begin taking the pet on brief walks via the woods 10 to 30 minutes tops. This permits the pet to get what I name “Woods Wise”. Woods Wise is nothing greater than changing into acquainted and comfy with all of the completely different sights, sounds, and smells the woods has to supply. It additionally makes a enormous distinction within the pup’s total maturity.

Step 5: Around the age of three to 6 months outdated begin laying drags and fooling with the pup with squirrel tails, hides or lifeless squirrels. Utilize this time to get the pup wanting up bushes on the tail, disguise or lifeless squirrel. Once the pup begins barking treed on these transfer on to the subsequent step. There are many various strategies that can be utilized to get the pet “wanting up”…

Step 6: Caged squirrel. This step will be skipped if the pet has already barked up at a wild squirrel. I personally don’t like utilizing caged sport as a coaching methodology, however it may be helpful you probably have restricted assets as to getting the pup into an space the place there may be squirrels. Anyway, entice and place a stay squirrel in a cage and set the caged squirrel in an elevated location like a stump, picnic desk, brush, and so on…. Casually stroll your pup close to the realm the place the caged squirrel is situated. This will enable the pup to find the caged squirrel on it is personal. As the pups curiosity will get the very best of it it is going to transfer in nearer to test it out! At this time the sight and odor of the squirrel will excite the pup. Once the pup begins barking on the caged squirrel, then pet on him and encourage him. You may also do that with the caged squirrel having a rope tied to it. The rope will enable you to increase the squirrel up a tree so you may get the pup barking up. Once the pup constantly barks treed on a caged squirrel hung up a tree transfer on to the subsequent step. Please watch out to by no means overdo the caged squirrel! Once or twice is a lot!!

Step 7: Catch and Release! Turn a caged squirrel unfastened in an space the place the squirrels selections of bushes are restricted and let the pup chase it and HOPEFULLY tree it. If it does tree, then reward the pup with treats and praises. Be cautious and by no means launch a caged squirrel greater than a couple of instances!

Step 8: From the ages of 5 to 6 months on it’s nothing however “Woods Time”. Woods Time is nothing greater than really looking the pup! This is the important thing ingredient to making a squirrel dog. Everything else is simply ideas and tips to expedite the coaching course of… Good Luck!!

Please word: All of the ages above can fluctuate a nice deal, relying on the progress of your pup. Always bear in mind you’re principally coping with a little one so do not place an excessive amount of on them too early. Allow the pet to be a pet. If it is in him it is going to come out…I’ve mentioned it earlier than and I’ll say it once more, “I’ve by no means been ready to train a dog to hunt or tree. I can solely give it the chance to do what it was bred to do. Handling, obedience, and unhealthy habits I can work on, however the pup’s instincts and bloodline will care for the remainder”. There once more that is all my private opinions and nothing else. This is simply what works for me… Hope this helps.

HAPPY Hunting!

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