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Ragdoll Cat Specifics

Ragdoll cats are a selected breed of cat that originated within the 1960’s. The identify comes from the truth that many ragdoll cats will go limp while you decide them up, much like what a doll looks like. Unlike most breeds of “unbiased” cats, the ragdoll is rather more social, usually following its proprietor round craving extra consideration. The ragdolls habits usually mimics canine habits quite than typical cat habits. “Mans greatest buddy” within the cat world if you’ll. It is a loyal and loving companion.

The ragdoll is listed with the Guinness e book of world information as the biggest cat, with males starting from 12-20lbs., and females weighing from 10-15lbs. The physique is often stocky with quick legs, and customarily massive in dimension compared to different cat breeds. Ragdolls have lengthy, thick fur coats with markings that resemble the Siamese cat breed. The 4 marking patterns for ragdolls are: bi-color, van, mitted, and pointed. This cat breed often is available in six colours: seal, chocolate, lilac, blue, cream, and crimson. Points could also be strong, lynx, or tortie.

While ragdolls do a very good job of cleansing themselves, you’ll want to make sure that to brush them to keep away from matting of their fur. Ragdolls are recognized for a straightforward going nature, though every particular person has a special character. Before buying your ragdoll, be sure you are knowledgeable of correct weight-reduction plan, veterinary wants, liter field wants, and cat proofing your own home so your ragdoll is blissful and wholesome. After all, your ragdoll can be your companion for a mean of 15-20 years!

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