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Rodent Baits and Tips for Snap Traps and Glue Boards

I’m usually requested what’s the greatest bait to make use of for mice and rats. Here is an inventory of what I’ve used and some tips about learn how to catch the bait stealing mice and that final sensible rat you been chasing after.


1. The remedy for “stealth mice” is dry cat food. Friskies or meow combine, or anything with an X or O form, or something like that.

You tie the cat food to the set off of the mouse entice, with heavy obligation stitching thread or one thing comparable. Then, when the mouse comes alongside and tries to seize it, he can not help however disturb the set off.

2. The peanut butter failed, as a result of the mouse may lick it off gently sufficient to keep away from springing the entice.

This works, smash up a half of slice of bacon with some peanut butter. They will lick the peanut butter off however… then attempt to Bite the bacon and SNAP.

As it will get chilly, they’re trying for a spot to cover. Make certain you additionally put your traps alongside a wall to the place their head will likely be on the bait with out having to stroll round it.

Tried peanut butter and they licked it off with out tripping the entice?

3. Tie some yarn or a bit of cotton swab or ball across the set off and reduce the ends shut, then put the peanut butter on the yarn.

4. Marshmallows, Hubba Bubba bubble gum, cotton ball with a few drops of vanilla extract

5. Mice love cotton, drop some vanilla extract on the cotton tie with floss too.

6. Bedding with a drop of vanilla, maple or chocolate syrup is nice bait so attempt a tissue or a little bit cotton ball (use a rubber band to anchor it to a snap entice bait holder). Caramels, jelly beans and tootsie rolls (chewed first) are profitable in addition to snickers bars and Slim Jim meat sticks.

Roof Rats

Rat bait solutions, equivalent to nuts, peanut butter, orange slice sweet, dried apricots, and tootsie rolls (chewed first). Tie the rat bait to a set off to stop that tough rodent from stealing the bait with out setting off the entice. For baits that can’t be tied (peanut butter, e.g.), use solely small quantities of bait for greatest outcomes.

Norway Rats

Do you will have a rat entice and must know what the very best rat bait choices are? Victor® Rat Control recommends the next rat baits to draw Norway Rats. Thin slice of sizzling canine, bacon, peanut butter, dried fruit, gumdrops, chocolate, a Reese’s cup, or Tootsie Rolls (chewed first), and nesting supplies equivalent to dental floss or cotton

Tying the rat bait to the set off will stop the rodent from licking or nibbling the bait and stealing it with out setting off the entice. For rat baits that can’t be tied (e.g. peanut butter), it is best to make use of small quantities.

Remember, some rats are tougher to catch and are Neophobic or “additional cautious” of recent objects that all of the sudden seem of their surroundings. For these instances, rat traps needs to be positioned out, however left unset and baited for a pair days previous to setting the traps. This will give the rats an opportunity to grow to be accustomed to it.

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