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There Is A Koke Frog In My Freezer and a Lizard In my Tub!

There is a Koke in my freezer

and a lizard in my tub!

Yesterday the frog was residing

and the Chameleon the colour of deep rust.

Grown males exit and pursue them

the Koke night time brigade is on.

Grown males pursue their manhood

with a flashlight on their head.

They all have to be abolished

these frogs who croak all night time.

Track them down, ’tis stated

’til each final certainly one of them is useless!

They say that the place there’s one

two extra conceal sneakily close by.

It is like grown males have misplaced their senses

and have grow to be yard spies.

The Chameleon runs for canopy

as my cat intrudes its house

A cats job is to pounce upon something

invading this place.

None the much less I rescued Mr. Chameleon

as he modified to lime inexperienced.

I instructed him by no means to come back again

my tub was not his scene.

Don’t take this rescue as a right

I nonetheless have freezer house

You may wind up with out a tail

subsequent to the Koke’s place.

I’m not a relentless hunter

like different people I do know

I draw this line between us

and ask you now to go.

My husband is exterior now

I hear him within the bushes.

He nonetheless maintains its a man job

as I let him perform his needs.

In the morning as soon as once more

I’ll discover berries for my smoothie

and there beside the plastic bag

one other Koke in a jar, gloomy

Count your blessing Mr. Chameleon

Eat bugs and mosquitos directly

be glad you aren’t a Koke

as my husband must say.

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