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Why Does My Blue Heeler Lick Me All The Time?

Question: I simply moved into my aunts home the place she has this blue heeler. He likes to continually come by and lick my legs. I used to be advised possibly its the salt that we supply. He not solely does it to me however everybody he can lick. Why does he do that?

Answer: Dogs are usually oral. They use their mouth to style issues, take a look at texture, carry stuff, decide issues up, groom themselves, and love on you. Licking is equal to kissing, and a few canines are extra affectionate than others.

Dogs notably like salty issues – like sweat – and lotions, soaps, perfumes, and oils. Coming out of the bathe and staying clear and dry is at all times laborious in case your canine will get a whiff of you first. Chances are he’ll be throughout you attempting to lick the cleaning soap, water, oil, lotion or what have you ever.

Licking his personal physique components might be a part of his grooming, or attempting to treatment an affliction, however it might additionally imply love or submission.

You’ll discover {that a} extra dominant canine – or perhaps a particular person – will put a canine in his place by yelling or growling, and the canine will reply by submitting, cowering, and attempting to lick the muzzle of the aggressor.

The trigger for licking, as you see, varies, but when the licking bothers you, you’ll be able to at all times practice your canine to not lick. Keep in thoughts although that if it is a signal of affection, you will have to permit him some outlet like sitting near you, leaping as much as you (that is like a hug), and so on. so you do not flip him away utterly. A canine that’s simply attempting to be good or is tremendous submissive may have a lot worse habits like urinating each time he sees you!

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