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Why Does My Kitten Bite?

When your new kitten arrives, they’re this bundle of extremely energetic fur that intervene with all the things, have hilarious experiencing discovering strange home goods and take up fairly a little bit of your time. Playing with them is nice enjoyable however there generally is a draw back – biting. So why do kittens chunk and what may be finished to cease them?

Cat psychology

From the primary days of your cat relationship, understanding their mentality and the way they suppose is a good suggestion. Cats are pushed primarily by intuition and particularly why kittens, will react to issues at a primary stage. If it strikes, they are going to assault it and chunk it. They will ‘kill’ issues as a result of their instincts inform them to.

Other causes for biting may be over stimulation and concern. If your kitten has been raised in a quiet, grownup solely household and is all of a sudden launched to different pets, children and extra exercise, they could get a bit overwhelmed. This might result in a nip or a scratch at something near them inflicting them concern. Cats may change into over stimulated when petted or performed with for too lengthy and their boisterous aspect comes out, typically leading to bites or scratches.

Finally, kittens will typically chunk and chew issues in a lot the identical method that toddlers do – their enamel are creating they usually really feel the urge to make use of them. They will chunk to see if issues are edible too they usually must be taught that, whereas comfortable and fascinating, palms aren’t meals.


First up, shouting on the kitten or smacking it’s going to do no good in any respect. All this learns them is that you’re one thing to concern and maybe even hate with none context. The goal of coaching is to let the kitten perceive what it’s doing improper and what you need it to do as a substitute.

Play preventing is an effective instance. Encourage them to play with a toy with you and have enjoyable. But after they change into too excited and start biting and clawing, cease taking part in or ‘play lifeless’. This stops the sport as a result of there is no such thing as a enjoyable. If the kitten calms down, resume the sport, following the identical sample.

If your cat bites you, a loud ‘ouch’ or ‘no’ is an effective technique to shock them into stopping. Of course, they do not perceive what the phrase means however it startles them into pausing. They may even study that this response comes with the biting and will likely be postpone doing it.

Don’t use your palms as a toy to stop biting – most kittens will mechanically chunk their toys. If a hand is a toy then it too will get bitten. For this purpose, use a toy equivalent to a feather or mouse on a stick, a ball on a string or different toy. This permits you to play with them with out your palms being instantly concerned. If they comply with the toy and assault your palms, cease the sport.

If the cat likes to sneak up and chunk individuals, a bottle of water with a sprig prime can put them off this. The shock of a small spray of chilly water will change their thoughts concerning the enchantment of the sport and can shortly study what causes the spray – however do not use it for different points, as it’s going to confuse the matter.

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